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          Microstructure-Property Relationships in Cementitious Materials: A Multiscale Study

          發布時間:2020-08-13    瀏覽次數:1396

          報告題目:Microstructure-Property Relationships in Cementitious Materials: A Multiscale Study
          報 告 人: 張明中 (終身副教授/博士生導師)
          主 請 人: 元強教授
                           張明中,荷蘭代爾夫特理工大學博士,英國曼徹斯特大學博士后,英國高等教育學會會士,現任QS世界大學排名第八、“英國G5超級精英大學”之一的倫敦大學學院(UCL)土木工程系終身副教授、博士生導師,曾獲得2018年UCL優秀教師提名獎、2020年UCL優秀博士生導師提名獎。其主要研究領域包括:先進土木工程材料及其工程應用、多尺度計算模擬、混凝土結構耐久性、鋼管混凝土、纖維增強復合材料與結構等。目前已出版英文專著1部、英文會議論文集1本,在Cement and Concrete Research、Cement and Concrete Composites、Composites Part B、Composite Structures等土木工程國際權威SCI期刊發表學術論文50余篇,論文累計被引用1000余次(H因子 = 21)?,F指導博士后1名,博士研究生6名,獨立主持英國工程與自然科學研究理事會(EPSRC)、英國皇家學會和英國文化協會等各類縱向基金項目7項,累計縱向科研經費超過1000萬元。受邀擔任EPSRC、英國皇家學會、英國文化協會、捷克科學基金委員會和阿聯酋基金委員會基金評審專家,S
          時  間:2020年8月15日,下午2:30-4:30
          地  點:騰訊會議室:894 115 699

          Concrete as a composite material exhibits characteristics of inhomogeneity and anisotropy due to the random distribution of irregular voids and coarse aggregates embedded in mortar consisting of cement paste, fine aggregates and interfacial transitional zone at meso-scale. The mechanical and transport properties of cementitious materials are highly dependent on the random distribution of various phases over the micro-, meso- and macro-scales. Among them, transport properties (e.g. permeability and diffusivity) of cementitious materials are usually considered as the main indicators for durability assessment and service life prediction of reinforced concrete structures. Therefore, it is not only of scientific interest but of practical importance to investigate the microstructure-property relationships in cementitious materials. This study presents some advanced techniques for characterisation and modelling of three-dimensional microstructures of cementitious materials at different length scales as well as a novel integrated framework for modelling the static and dynamic fracture behaviour and transport properties of cementitious materials accounting for their microstructures, the results of which are validated with experimental data.